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Ethics of Monitoring

One thing that has become increasingly complicated during those last years is monitoring and surveillance in networks. And I’m not talking big surveillance Edward Snowden style but the kind of surveillance that is not only possible but most likely actively going on in most business networks nowadays. Not because it’s absolutely vital or needed, but because it can be done. Most administrators are a curious bunch and technology fascinates them. And that’s no big deal – unless that curiosity goes a bit crazy with modern possibilities of course. Or if that curiosity meets an especially nosy manager or business security […]

Why Active Directory?

There’s this one thing that is commonly found in business networks which no user ever thinks about. As long as it works, of course. It’s the Active Directory. To me, the question whether you need it or not never crossed my mind. Until a few months ago, when I was asked why an Active Directory was necessary. The reasoning behind this question is as follows: we’ve only got a small network with less than a hundred PCs and a limited amount of services our documents are managed using SVN (indeed) there’s not supposed to be a file server most users […]