Silly Sun Re-Release

Wrote that some sunny day and though it isn’t too good, i obviously like it, so here’s „Silly Sun“ again 😉

Ein Gedicht, dass ich mal an einem sonnigen Tag schrieb und offensichtlich mag, auch wenn es nicht besonders gut ist. Also hier ist „Silly Sun“ erneut 😉


Sun makes you silly

While days and nights in silence pass,
i sit alone in sorrow,
sitting on my sorry arse,
i make myself feel hollow.

Though nothing much was,
maybe nothing will be
my dreams they tell me
stories, of you an me
who in unity be
together and happy forever.

The plot of my body,
whose victim i am
revolves ‚round you, my hottie,
if it weren’t for sun and hormones as well,
i could write a better story.

If it wasn’t the sun
and the hormones as well,
you might just be too special.
I better end now, i hope you had fun
a tip: avoid the sun!

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